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Ubuntu's mass surveillance with 'popularity-contest'
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Once again Ubuntu pop's up with a surveillance tool... This in disguised as packages popularity for better prep of new distros, The thing is that you are newer ask if you like to give away your private information's of package choices... so we recommend you deinstall this package by sudo apt purge popularity-contest -y

From Ubuntu's own site:

The Ubuntu Popularity Contest (or popcon, in short) gathers statistics determining which packages are the most popular with Ubuntu users. Once a week, the popularity-contest package submits data to a central server ( The data are then processed anonymously to generate the statistics available on

Popcon's statistics are of big importance to Ubuntu developers. They can use the data to determine which packages to include on the CDs, which bugs need to be fixed first, or to order the results of searches within package managers.

processed anonymously hmmm wonder big time about this... have they disabled there log files, firewall etc.. ?

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