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This domain is used for 'Tracking' your private life and HAVE to be
blocked as..

  • [Single Domain](source/tracking/domains.list)
  • [Wild carded](source/tracking/wildcard.list)   CNAME . ; Tracking
*   CNAME . ; Tracking

... ''because'':

Relevant logs and/or screenshots

This domain is abused for tracking of YOU and your online activities. This is confirmed by EasyList

There is also a post that is demonstrating how evil this domain is abused to violate your rights to freedom and we can only recommend you to no longer use or trust as demonstrated in the issue on EasyList


All Submissions:

  • Have you followed the guidelines in our [Contributing]( document?
  • Have you checked to ensure there aren't other open

[Merge Requests (MR)](../merge_requests) or [Issues](../issues) for
the same update/change?

  • Added ScreenDump for prove of False Positive
  • Have you added an explanation of what your submission do and why

you'd like us to include them??

Testing face

  • Checked the internet for verification?
  • Have you successfully ran tests with your changes locally?


  • RPZ Server (Team members)
  • Added to Source file

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