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This 'Malicious' domain have to be blocked as..

  • Single Domain
  • Wild carded   CNAME . ; Malicious
*   CNAME . ; Malicious

... because:

Relevant logs and/or screenshots

This domain is listed by hphosts since 16-09-2014 as EMD (Malicious)

We have it as www.$domain, but this has changed in SOA 2020012202, where it have become an ordinary wildcard domain.

According to there own website, they hate democracy on a level that can be compared with Cambridge Analytics. Therefore I'll recommend we this domain to be added alongside with Malware to the Trackware and Spyware. This simply to ensure our free democracy and help ensuring democratic elections around the world.


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Testing face

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  • RPZ Server (Team @Spirillen)
  • Added to Source file