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Description is known to setup spam/spyware/typo domains their is "for sale, place a bit".

To avoid typing in 1000's of domains in our RPZ DNSServer, we simply blocked all domains served from there DNS-Servers by adding

*   CNAME . ; DNSServer
*   CNAME . ; DNSServer

To the DNS Firewall RPZ List in the zone.

Nice and swiftly :)

See also these issue: T163:, T164: and GitLab

Steps to reproduce

Just visit any outdated domain pointing to any of the following DNS Servers          23018   IN      NS          23018   IN      NS          23018   IN      NS          23018   IN      NS          23018   IN      NS

Since this is used for click-bate, tracking, advertising and up-selling overpriced outdated domains that a previous over or no longer needed and therefor have been hijacked by

It have been a longtime decision to block all of there's DNS Servers, but for some reason there haven't been any earlier ticket on this.

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