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Originally posted by @MarcoDiFrancesco

The domain is a copy of T65: which I'm splitting up for easier handling and to follow you guidance for contributing

I've seen 3 domains not listed in the hosts file that show ads in the Samsung Smart TV.

    • is the most annoying, it makes appearing featured third party apps (like Netflix) in the bottom bar.

Are two domains given by an Italian company that makes appearing every time you go onto one of there channel a popup of "premium features" you can access from the smart TV.
I'd appreciate if you can insert them inside the hosts file.

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Mediaset owns the biggest commercial television network in Italy, is their main domain (for example is used for their video on demand service, is one of the most visited news website in Italy, etc) and T191: is used for their CDN, as far as I know.

About the subdomains you're referring, I don't know for what are used for, looking at the name the second address is used to deliver their HbbTV services (, so in all likelihood aren't used for tracking/delivering advertisements.

Original answer: posted on GH-EasyList

If we dig down in other BlackLists we will find the following records, where we currently have none


Since AdAway is the main source for know subdomains that apparently have to be blacklisted, I have posted the following question within AdAway issues

Hi guys, I've got an issue that I'm not completely able to solve for my self as there is a language barrier that need to be broken down, Italian.

The pray

But since I can find a few of the domains within your lists I hope we all can cooperate and help each other to optimize this for all.


The initial issue is posted here: ticket:65 and there are two related issues ticket:191. (There was split up to follow the guidance of issue posting (1 domain = one issue)

@Khrin Have posted T190#2143 some answers to this on EasyList.


The domains in question is:

And from a few other BlackLists projects I've found these


So the only domain in common is

The question

Why have you chosen to also block

For what I can come up with, then apparently is a connection bridge between a HBBTV enabled TV and the given TV-channel you currently watch.

Which of curse never should happens unless you explicitly request the device to do so, as it shares your IP and the fact you own (uses) a HBBTV enabled (un)smart-TV or other device as this is leaving a involuntary trail of Tracking (Spying) on you.

Kind of the same way as you keep having requests to without ever having used that shit as it violates your privacy, but the DNS query comes every time you watch the air bone TV-signal of any of the channels.

For the I feel like I weakly can recall, that this domain is used to enables you to login to your user account, but also TRACKING

Links to the hosts-sources

  1. AdAway
  2. NoTrack
  3. mvps
Spirillen added a comment.EditedFri, Mar 27, 1:17 PM

Replying to AnonymousPoster:

@jawz101's reply to the above GH issue says it originates from an early merge into his project from hostsVN into his AdAway BlackLists

The original hostsVN submission is in this commit

There have been raised a new GH-Issue for this on hostsVN issue board by @jawz101