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I'm wondering if it would be practically possible to actually block the entire root DNS to protect the real free and un-manipulated democracy.

The reason is rather simple, as Google are the real owners behind Charleston Road Registry Inc..

At this point it should be necessary to comment further on Googles agenda, which is to spy on everyone only to profiteering on manipulating the "free will"

Lately we have found that Google actually have been granted the right by ICANN and the US Senators to grab and hold a lot of gTLD's hostile to be abused for mass-surveillance of vulnerable people who is in a state of mind where they are easily manipulated to do things they usually wouldn't do, if they under inflorescence of knowledge rather than feelings. A example for this is the domain .dad which declared purpose is to be targeting vulnerable fathers.

Another beneficial reason by blocking all of the Google Corporation's Charleston Road Registry Inc. root DNS servers would be the fact we could be blocking the .ads

DomainReal purpose
.adsManipulate vulnerable people throughout targeted marketing via mass-surveillance
.dadTargeting and manipulate vulnerable fathers
.hangoutManipulate vulnerable people throughout targeted marketing via mass-surveillance

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