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MobileAdTrackers by jawz101
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As you can read in this MobileAdTrackers we are going to test the success rate on his work. This ticket is for comments on this list

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This project have by the 14. of January 2020 been moved to by @jawz101.

As he writes:

While the AdAway list was more popular and sourced as the basis of many unified lists, it hadn't been touched since 2016 and the domains it did have were approx. 52% inactive.

The new hosts file formatted can be found here:

A Clean version is available here:

This means that in the past week there have been a lot of activities. This also means we need to see what happens in the following month, before any decision can be made.

There is currently a very high number of Falsepositive which needs to be solved before we will reconsider this source