source: matrix@ 4145584

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
.github ba6a06a   2 weeks noreply [ci skip]
.gitlab 532b286   4 weeks 3728965-spirillen Update
.travis 2c54646e   3 weeks admin Link
public 680d7ab   6 weeks admin logo for wiki
safesearch ac24a7d   2 weeks 3728965-spirillen Update
scripts ea3a1fd   2 months admin Added sorting to the .rpz-nsdname
source 4145584   11 days admin close 146
.editorconfig 489 bytes af1bd19   5 months 3728965-spirillen Update .editorconfig
.gitattributes 837 bytes 807a142   4 weeks admin Fixed title in GH template
.gitignore 134 bytes f60f959   11 days admin New gitignore for PyFunceble & old porn list Signed-off-by: Spirillen …
.gitlab-ci.yml.bak 1.3 KB aef6177   3 weeks admin End of Gitlab as we can't post any issues do to there Google Spyware
.travis.yml 1.1 KB 1596f0f   3 weeks admin Build script needs more work 2.1 KB 63cc456   12 days admin Adding new porno domain Closes … 3.5 KB e666036   5 months 3728965-spirillen Add new file 2.0 KB cb3da8b   5 weeks 3728965-spirillen typo [skip ci]
LICENSE 38.6 KB 3199ed8   7 months joakim.mn2m License Layout v.02 530 bytes 29cd7f6   3 months admin Closes #549 () 2.1 KB 1f65415   7 weeks noreply Smaller typo and gramma fix
source.list 2.7 KB c0eacae   3 weeks 44526987+spirillen Auto committed from the CI runner [ci skip] completely self managed Blocking lists

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