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About Safe Search

SafeSearch is a feature of Google Search and Google Images that acts as an automated filter of pornography and potentially offensive content.(wikipedia)

Since then better companies has followed with greater success to leave out search results, that by the US new religions females, is called harmful. (Those who do the most harm here are those not telling about biology and human reproduction)


Many search engines, such as DuckDuckGo and others offer users the option of turning on a safety filter. When this safety filter is activated, it filters out the inappropriate contents from all of the search results.
If users know the actual URL of a website that features explicit or adult content, they have the ability to access that content without using a search engine. Some providers offer child-oriented versions of their engines that permit only (Close to, Admin) children friendly websites.

My Privacy DNS and SafeSearch

MyPDNS have joined the project of trying to offer a way to force SafeSearch on a users network. We have done this within our sub-project of the Matrix


Safe search is a list of set IP addresses that is meant to per-enable the safe search of search portals.

This zone file contains all known IP to spoof safe search enabled search sites


There are different approaches of spoof domains depending on the resolver used for this.

SafeSearch in Dnsdist

For example in PowerDns Dnsdist you will do it like this:

addAction('', SpoofCNAMEAction(''))

SafeSearch in RPZ

In standard RPZ you will do it like this: IN CNAME

SafeSearch in Unbound

In unbound you need to assign IP spoofing like this

local-zone: "" redirect
local-data: " IN CNAME"

SafeSearch in Hosts

In hosts file you forced to have a tremendous big list of IP host like this
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