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Squid Guard

squidGuard is a very old project, but actually still one of the best in class of blocking contents from a central point.... seriously, it beets OpenSource project's like piHole, PfSense and MypDNS by miles when it comes to targeted content blocking. Period...


The squidGuard was originally written by Pål Marius Baltzersen and Lars-Erik Håland back in 1998 (or earlier) as a OpenSource Project, but they left it 2006, but luckily it was then picket up by some happy users @ 'The Shalla squidGuard team'

The sad reality of the (The Shalla squidGuard team) is that it looks like they have abandon the ship somewhat back in beginning of 2018. A short view on their Submission Status page unfortunately indicates that there haven't been any activity since Mon May 7 05:15:53 CEST 2018.

UPDATE d. 24. Jan 2019 It turns out that the shallalist project have moved to and that will actually make it easier to use for a lot of programs....


However the squidGuard is still compatible with the latest squid 3.x and there are other listing servers out there, however they do not live in the OpenSource like environment as you can't submit your suggestion for a URL or domain to be blocked through there lists. This has left the thought of integrating a squidGuard blacklist into the MypDNS project as this would be a matter of coding to actually make life to such a service and since we anyway collect the URL/domain data.

Alternative Blacklist

  • Mostly commercial, but alive (what did you expect, it is American)
  • user project @ ​ Université Toulousee 1 Capitole which is a bot project that is still active after ~10 years and the DB still seems to be updating daily :)
  • Walk through our BlackLists suggestions some of them are use by our self.... read more about our SourceLists
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