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White Lists

About Whitelisting domains

This list have it's very own life, as this is a very very tricky one to maintain.

The reason why it's hard to maintain such a list is, it have to balance between what is going on with a domain, that for several reasons might be blacklisted on some lists, but not on others. It can also be that a domain in general do 99,9% rights, but because of it's nature of user based submissions, could do a lot of evil.

E.g. Gitlab
Gitlab is 100% user submitted contents, but for the very same reason also a widely used target from bad guys, to host there evil code. For that rightfully reason Gitlab often pop ups on list for hosting MalWare code. Since this would have huge influence on My Privacy DNS and brakes the workflow, it's of curse have to be whitelisted within the DNS firewall projects.
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